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Lead Servant



Pastor Jeff

1 Corinthians 10:31

...whatever you do, 

do everything for the glory of God.

His hobbies, faves, and interest are walking at the park, siniguelas,

Bgy. Ginebra, pork sinigang with kangkong, reading,

family movie nights, kaimito, beach walk, spicy laing,

BMW GS 310, iced cold coke, and Disney cruise.


God blessed him with a loving family. PJ graduated from college

with a bachelor’s degree majoring in Behavioral Science.


Started out in the food industry as a service crew when he was in

college, and made his way up to becoming an Area Manager for

Operations. He became a Training Consultant for various

companies and organizations such as Toyota, Manila Broadcasting Company, Jollibee, Ever Bilena, Star City, Anglo-Eastern Crew Management Philippines, Inc., and many others.


PJ used to work as the Head for Human Resources and Spiritual Affairs in a Christian School. He handled both Personnel matters, and also acted as the Chief Guidance Counselor of students and School Chaplain for employees as well.                                                                                                                                                                                                           









In 2009, when his lovely wife is working as an educator, he became a youth counselor in a boys’ home in Woodland Hills, California. They were called by God to open their humble home for a Bible study in 2012. They started with one couple as attendees, and then they grew in numbers, and eventually, the Lord led them to become a church. He became an instant Lead Pastor, stepping up for the occasion for the glory of God. Since he has no experience in church planting, he prayed for a denomination that can provide them ministry programs for him to shepherd their flock effectively. They learned about the Church of the Nazarene. They love the Holiness teaching; they were invited to be part of the Parent Congregation Program, he received his first Local License in 2013 and after a year, they merged with their parent church. PJ became one of the Pastor of New Hope at the Hills Church of the Nazarene, now located in North Hollywood, and in 2015 he received his first District License from the Los Angeles District. He went to the LADTC or Los Angeles District Training Center under the upkeep of Nazarene Bible College. he was able to finish half of the training requirements there, and continued the other half at NBC. He finished his Ministry Preparation Program at the Nazarene Bible College in the Spring of 2022.


Last November 2020 during a pandemic, he was

invited to another Nazarene church in Los Angeles.

He was installed at LA Fil Naz or Los Angeles First

Filipino Church of the Nazarene as the new Senior

Pastor by the L.A. District Superintendent. In the near

future, if God is willing, he is praying that he and his

wife can go on a mission trip in the far-flung

provinces wherever the Lord will lead them. He is

hoping to gather all the untrained pastors with a

big heart in ministry and provide them with all the learning they can possibly receive.


PJ wishes to organize a small (PALCON) Pastors and Leaders Conference for their equipping and reinforcement. He hopes to conduct team-building activities for the workers and leaders of their local churches. His desire is to lift up the level of integrity for one of the highest callings of all. His dream is that someday, there will be a desire for the youth of today to pursue a shepherding career. PJ envisions that the LAFILNAZ mission trips will be a huge morale booster and encouragement to local pastors, which can lead to more productivity and the number of increasing churches. The PALCON to be provided for the pastors and leaders will be all for free, and he will point them to Jesus and tell them that our God hears them, and Jesus is there to encourage them to continue on the race.


PJ believes it will be a tough journey. It will be physically challenging, financially draining, emotionally exhausting, and mentally hard-hitting. But it will all be worth it for the exaltation of Christ and for the salvation of many souls.

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